Complications of Cataract Surgery

Posted by e-Medical PPT Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Operative complications
Vitreous loss
Posterior loss of lens fragments
Suprachoroidal (expulsive) haemorrhage

Early postoperative complications
Iris prolapse
Striate keratopathy
Acute bacterial endophthalmitis

Late postoperative complications
Capsular opacification
Implant displacement
Corneal decompensation
Retinal detachment
Chronic bacterial endophthalmitis

Iris prolapse
Usually inadequate suturing of incision
Most frequently follows inappropriate management of vitreous loss
Excise prolapsed iris tissue
Resuture incision

Striate keratopathy
Corneal oedema and folds in Descemet membrane
Damage to endothelium during surgery

Acute bacterial endophthalmitis
Common causative organisms
Staph. epidermidis
Staph. aureus
Pseudomonas sp...
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