Lung in extreme environments

Posted by e-Medical PPT Monday, May 4, 2015
Lung -First barrier between the body and its surrounding atmosphere.
Variousactivitiesexposehumanstodifferentenvironmentsinwhich Various activities expose humans to different environments in which the stresses are beyond our physiologic capabilities.
Extreme environments & the lung
High altitude
Extreme cold

Lung physiology in diving
Diving -Exposure to higher than normal ambient pressure.
Compression, isobaric, and decompression phases.
One atmosphere -760 mm Hg or 101.3 kPa.
One bar corresponds to a pressure of 750 mm Hg, 100 kPa, or 10 msw(Metres of sea water).
Depth of 30 msw-pressure of 4 bars
100 mswpressure equivalent of 11 bars.
4 bars / 30 msw, the fractional concentration of oxygen is still 0.21 but the partial pressure is 84 kPa

Pulmonary baro trauma(PBT)
Exposure to abrupt pressure changes. posuetoabuptpessuecages
IndividualsatriskofPBT-Astronauts,aviators, Individuals at risk of PBT Astronauts, aviators, compressed air workers, and divers.
Diving related PBT –Second among all causes of SCUBA diving fatalities.
PBT during descent of apnoeadive -Lung gg squeeze
PBT during ascent

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