Control of Respiration

Posted by e-Medical PPT Saturday, May 9, 2015
Ventilation is constantly adjusted to maintain the homeostasis of bld gases and arterial ph
Variations of pao2 <3-4 mm hg and even less for paco2
To expend minimal energy in the work of breathing

peripheral chemoreceptors
central chemoreceptors
pulmonary receptors
chest wall and muscle receptors

Peripheral chemoreceptors
carotid bodies
aortic bodies (significance ?)
bifurcation of common carotid
blood supply-external carotid
venous drain-int jugular
nerve supply- ix  nerve

Carotid body
rich blood supply(2l/100g/min)
utilizes dissolved o2 from blood unlike other tissues
senses changes in pa o2
hence not affected by conditions in which pao2  (n)
mild anemia
co poisoning..

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