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Tympanic Membrane
Develops from three sources:
Ectoderm: first branchial groove → keratinizing squamous epithelium.
Mesoderm: first and second branchial arches → sup. layer of radial fibers, deep layer of circular fibers.
Endoderm: tubotympanic recess from first pharyngeal pouch → mucosa.

Tympanic Membrane Perforations
Middle ear infections.
EAC infections.

Tympanoplasty: Indications for Surgery
CHL due to secondary to perforation or ossicular dysfunction.
Chronic or recurrent otitis media.
Chronic middle ear pathology causing progressive hearing loss.
Perforation for more than three months.

Tympanoplasty: Goals of Surgery
Establish an intact TM.
Eradicate middle ear disease by creating an air-containing middle ear space.
Restore hearing by reconnecting TM w/cochlea.
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