Inguino-Scrotal Lumps

Posted by e-Medical PPT Saturday, May 26, 2012
Inguinal Lymphadenopathy
Primary Lymphatic disease-Lymphoma
Secondary Lymphadenopathy
Malignant disease
Physiological reaction to inflammatory state

Exclude Inflammatory causes
Examine, Observe, Antibiotics etc.
Exclude obvious malignancy

Saphenous Varix
Prominent Varicosity of Upper Long Saphenous Vein.
Typical Patient
Middle aged and older
Usual Risk Factors
Pregnancy, Pelvic Mass
Dragging lump over upper thigh, disappears when lying
Cough impulse +
Thrill down vein when percussing.
Management-surgical ligation.

Femoral Artery Aneurysm.
True aneurysms
Pulsatile lump in groin
Associated with other aneurysmal disease
Mx-Vascular surgical repair if >2-3cm

False aneurysm
Secondary to puncture
Dx on duplex
Mx-Call a vascular surgeon-thrombose or repair.

Undescended Testes
Rare in adults
Usually Dx and treated as children
In adults usually present as infertility
Alt painless lump in Inguinal canal
Prone to infertility and testicular cancer.
Refer to Urologist.

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