Cloning and Stem Cell Research

Posted by e-Medical PPT Wednesday, May 9, 2012
The word ‘cloning’ simply means copying.
When people think about cloning they usually think about copying complete human beings or animals like Dolly the sheep.
But cloning is also used for purposes other than making exact copies of animals or people.
Individual cells of plants, animals and human beings are copied every day in research and clinical laboratories.

What is a Clone?
An organism that has the same genetic information as another organism

Why Clone?
To mass produce organisms with desired qualities
Repopulate endangered or even extinct species
Organ transplants for  humans                                    
Recovery of lost loved ones
Infertility: cloning a fertile copy of themselves
Creation of spare body parts (Organs, blood, kidney’s, etc.)
Reproduction of their own body parts

Is the choosing of specific traits and the deleting of others.
Scientist could eliminate all the disease-causing genes and guarantee a healthy baby.

Human Cloning and Genetic Modification
Genes are strings of chemicals that help create the proteins that make up your body.
Genes are found in long coiled chains called chromosomes.
They are located in the nuclei of the cells in the body.

Sexual reproduction
Cloning or asexual reproduction

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