Acute Non-oliguric Renal Failure

Posted by e-Medical PPT Friday, October 15, 2010
Definitions of acute renal failure:
An increase in the serum creatinine of more than 0.5 mg/dl over baseline value
An increase in the serum creatinine of more than 50% over base line value
A reduction in the calculated creatinine clearance of 50%
A decrease in the renal function that results in the need for dialysis

Categories of anuria, oliguria and nonoliguria may be useful in differential diagnosis of ARF.
Anuria - Urinary tract obstruction, renal artery obstruction, RPGN, bilateral diffuse renal cortical necrosis
Oliguria - Prerenal failure, hepatorenal syndrome
Nonoliguria – AIN, AGN, partial obstructive nephropathy, nephrotoxic and ischemic ATN, radiocontrast-induced ARF, and rhabdomyolysis.

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