Menstrual Disorders

Posted by e-Medical PPT Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Definitions of Amenorrhea
Amenorrhea = absence of menstruation
Primary Amenorrhea = failure of menarche to occur before 16 years of age or within 4 years of thelarche
Secondary Amenorrhea = cessation of menses for at least 6 months in a premenopausal woman

Terminology of Abnormal Bleeding
Oligomenorrhea = bleeding at intervals more than 40 days that usually is irregular
Polymenorrhea = bleeding at intervals less than 22 days that may be regular or irregular
Menorrhagia = bleeding that is excessive in both amount and duration at regular intervals
Metrorrhagia = bleeding of usually normal amount but at irregular intervals
Menometrorrhagia = bleeding that is excessive in amount, is prolonged in duration, and may occur at regular or irregular intervals
Hypomenorrhea = regular uterine bleeding in decreased amount
Intermenstrual bleeding = bleeding that occurs between what is otherwise regular menstrual bleeding

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