Acute Abdomen in Pregnancy

Posted by e-Medical PPT Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stedman's Medical Dictionary, 27th Edition defines acute abdomen as "any serious acute intra-abdominal condition attended by pain, tenderness, and muscular rigidity, and for which emergency surgery must be considered.”
DDx of Abdominal Pain in Pregnancy
Divided into three categories:
1) Conditions incidental to pregnancy
Acute appendicitis,Acute pancreatitis,Peptic ulcer,Gastroenteritis,Hepatitis,Bowel obstruction,Bowel Perforation,Herniation,Meckel’s Diverticulitis,Toxic megacolon,Pancreatic pseudocyst,Ovarian cyst rupture,Adnexal torsion,Ureteral calculus,Rupture of renal pelvis,Ureteral obstruction,Thrombosis/infarction,Ruptured visceral artery aneurysm,Pneumonia,Pulmonary embolus,Intraperitoneal hemorrhage,Splenic rupture,Abdominal trauma,Acute intermittent porphyria,Diabetic ketoacidosis,Sickle Cell Disease
2) Conditions associated with pregnancy
Acute pyelonephritis,Acute cystitis,Acute cholecystitis,Acute fatty liver of pregnancy
Rupture of rectus abdominus muscle,Torsion of pregnant uterus
3) Conditions due to pregnancy
Ectopic pregnancy,Septic abortion with peritonitis,Acute urinary retention due to retroverted uterus,Round ligament pain,Torsion of pedunculated myoma,Placental abruption
Placenta percreta,HELLP Syndrome,Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy,Uterine rupture,Chorioamionitis

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