Incarcerated Incisional Hernia

Posted by e-Medical PPT Monday, July 12, 2010
An incarcerated hernia is a type of hernia characterized by the herniated tissue trapped in the hernial sack. Most commonly, this type of hernia presents as an abdominal hernia involving the bowels. Incarcerated hernias are considered surgical emergencies, and they require immediate medical treatment to avoid serious complications.
If the blood supply to an incarcerated hernia is cut off, the hernia becomes strangulated. Strangulated hernias are very dangerous,because the tissue can gangrene.The loop of bowel in a classic strangulated hernia must usually be removed, with the remaining sections of bowel being carefully reattached.Surgery is the only option for repairing an incarcerated hernia.Once a surgeon cuts into the patient and sees the contents of the hernial sack, patient can determine whether or not it will be possible to save the herniated tissue. In some cases, it may need to be cut away entirely due to tissue damage, while in other instances, it may be possible to carefully extricate the material and repair it before repositioning it. The earlier a patient goes for treatment of an incarcerated hernia, the better the prognosis.
A reducible hernia can quickly become incarcerated, which is why surgery is recommended for reducible hernias, even if they are not causing pain or discomfort for the patient. 

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