Placental Abruption

Posted by e-Medical PPT Saturday, June 5, 2010
If the placenta peels away from the inner wall of the uterus before delivery — either partially or completely — it's known as placental abruption (abruptio placentae).
Placental abruption is an uncommon and serious complication of pregnancy.It occurs in 1% of pregnancies world wide with a fetal mortality rate of 20-40% depending on the degree of separation. Placental abruption is also a significant contributor to maternal mortality.

Placental abruption can deprive the baby of oxygen and nutrients and cause heavy bleeding in the mother.
Trauma, hypertension, or coagulopathy contributes to the avulsion of the anchoring placental villi from the expanding lower uterine segment, which in turn, leads to bleeding into the decidua basalis. This can push the placenta away from the uterus and cause further bleeding.Women may present with vaginal bleeding, abdominal or back pain, abnormal or premature contractions, fetal distress or death.

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