Abdominal Pain In Pregnancy

Posted by e-Medical PPT Monday, May 3, 2010
Abdominal pain in pregnancy is not uncommon. Such pain can be caused by any condition as would be found in the non-pregnant woman. It can also be caused by conditions specific and related only to pregnancy.
Hormonal and other physiological changes occurring in a woman’s body during pregnancy makes her even more prone to conditions that could lead to pain in the abdomen.
This therefore means that any pregnant woman complaining of pain in the abdomen should be taken seriously, and the possible cause of pain should be sought in a methodological pattern.

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4 Responses to Abdominal Pain In Pregnancy

  1. i mean water brash..

  2. what is the management of severe water bradh in pregnancy???arent H2 blockers and PPIs contraindicated in pregnancy??

  3. Admin Says:
  4. Antacids are safe in pregnancy because they do not cross the placenta into the baby's circulation. However, antacids containing sodium can cause fluid retention. Aluminium containing antacids can make constipation of pregnancy worse.These drugs are in Category A.
    The H2-receptor antagonists and proton pump inhibitors are in Category B except omeprazole which is in Category C. These drugs cross the placenta but trials results are not adequate to consider them safe during pregnancy. So far no trial has shown any harm to the foetus.

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. if symptoms persist consult the doctor..never self medicate


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